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Air Malta flying diving equipment for free this winter

From Sportdiver:

Air Malta will waive all charges relating to the carriage of diving equipment on scheduled flights until 7 March, 2012.

The waiver applies to passengers transporting one bag containing personal diving equipment up to 32 kilos.

Philip Saunders, Chief Commercial Officer of Air Malta, said: “Malta is renowned for its world class dive sites and the scheme to waive the diving equipment charge will allow our passengers the freedom to enjoy the various dive sites on the islands with their own equipment, without additional charges.”

With quality dive sites just a stone’s throw away from each other, and with mild sea temperatures during winter, visitors to Malta will be spoilt for choice to explore a variety of underwater worlds in the heart of the Mediterranean.

For more information and to book, visit the Air Malta and Visit Malta websites.


For more information: http://www.sportdiver.co.uk/News/Latest-News/Air-Malta-flying-diving-equipment-for-free-this-winter

Tank Bangers to release charity single

From Sportdiver:

On these hallowed online pages earlier this year we (Sport diver. Ed) featured a video of dive instructors in Egypt performing a ‘Diveoke’.

The group performed several songs, including Bohemian Rhapsody and Ticket to ‘Dive’, in a bid to raise awareness of diving in the Red Sea following the political unrest and shark attacks.

Since then, the team have enjoyed a great deal of success, including a significant social media following, and have spent the last ten months putting together their biggest project yet – their own song.

The five-minute track details the world’s love of the Big Blue, but also highlights the incredibly destructive actions of mankind on the oceans. “Our Blue” will be going on iTunes and the proceeds will go to charity.

Here is the promo video:

[youtube VEdZgO0]

for more information: http://www.sportdiver.co.uk/News/Latest-News/Tank-Bangers-to-release-charity-single

Dive Explore Indonesia

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Bubbly regards,

Dive Explore Indonesia Team

Orca to stay in captivity

From Divernet:

Campaigners who hoped to have a rescued orca whale freed back into the wild have lost a court case in the Netherlands.

The young female, called Morgan, is being transferred from Harderwijk dolphinarium, where she has been since rescue from the Wadden Sea in June 2010, to the LoroParque zoo in the Canary Islands.

The Free Morgan Foundation, one of whose members is the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, said that “ulterior motivations such as money and entertainment” had triumphed.

This was despite “overwhelming evidence provided by world renowned orca researchers, scientists and advocates” that Morgan could potentially be released to the wild with the right preparation.

“Unfortunately, because of constraints in the European/national law, the judge could not decide for Morgan to be rehabilitated and released,” said the group

For more information: http://divernet.com/home_diving_news/1151732/orca_to_stay_in_captivity.html