Could you organize Try dives for me and my young children?
Yes we can! We regularly organize ’Try dives’. These are a great opportunity for you to find out if you like SCUBA diving. You can come along on a pre-arranged evening, learn more about scuba diving and try it out under carefully managed conditions with an instructor by your side, in the swimming pool.
Children are not a problem, as long as we can have small enough Scuba equipment for them.

I have booked Try dives with you, what do I bring along and what can I expect?
First of all; bring down to the pool the following: – An old t-shirt you don’t mind getting wet, a Swimming costume, a Towel for afterwards, £0.20 coin for the locker (refundable), and Enthusiasm!

What to expect in return?

A whole heap of fun! we try to give you a Full hour in the pool, where we give you a chance to try Scuba diving in a safe and sheltered environment. We give you a qualified instructor who will talk you through some of the basics of diving, you’ll be given a brief tour of the standard SCUBA equipment and will take you underwater into the pool. Don’t forget, whether you’re in or out of the pool the instructors and other club members are there to help You – remember, there’s no such thing as a stupid question! We heartily encourage poolside banter!

Afterwards you will get a certificate to show that you have completed a Try dive with us.

Do I need to buy all my Scuba equipment before I start my training with you?
No, please don’t!
We only ask that you buy a good fitting mask and a set of pool or open water fins.
We will lend you your basic Scuba Equipment when you start your training. (a nominal deposit is required).

I do not live near Woking, Surrey, can I still join your club?
Yes you can!
As long as you are a BSAC member you are more than welcome to join us.
Just bear in mind that most of our social activities are based in and around the Woking area including our regular club nights.
But as we dive all over the UK and abroad, your geographic location is not important.

I don’t have any Scuba equipment and I have booked myself on a club dive trip. HELP!
Not to panic!
We can lend you most of the Club equipment (tanks, weights, fins etc.)! We even have Drysuits for hire! 🙂

I just enrolled into one of your Training programs, but I can’t always make my training session, what do I do now?
Not a problem! As long as you make sure that your Instructor knows when you can’t make it so you can rearrange the training session to another date.
We are here to help you enjoy your training, we are not here to rush you through it. 🙂

I see that you have a RIB, where does it normally launch from?
Langstone Harbour near Southsea is where the RIB launches from.

I’m a PADI Diver. Can I dive with you?
We welcome previous diver training by recognised organisations, weather
recreational, commercial or military. Divers can join a our BSAC branch and enjoy diving with our branch within the recommendations of their existing qualification and BSAC Safe Diving Practices (whichever is the more conservative).

I’m a PADI Diver. Can I join your club?
Yes you can! We welcome all divers from other diving organisations.

I’m already a Qualified BSAC Member and part of another BSAC Dive club. Can I come and Dive with you?
Yes you can!
As long as there are spaces available on our Hardboats or RIB, you are more than welcome! Ring the Free-Phone number to enquire.

I’m going abroad in about a months time. Can you train me before I go?
No, unfortunately we can’t. We need about 4 to 5 months to train you, and that is if you attend all the lectures and pool sessions on time.
But feel free to come and do a Try-Dive with us to get a feel for SCUBA Diving in a safe environment.

What is the minimum age for training?
Our minimum Training age is 14 years old. Please note that parental supervision will be required for minors being trained.

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