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No 43 Malta trip

Dear all,

I’m planning a dive trip to Malta later this year and the details are below. If you are interested or have any questions about the trip please get in touch with me.

Dates are from 10th November to 15th these dates are not fixed in stone yet so if you need to change them let me know ASAP.

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No 42: SA Website – Tutorial

Dear all, I have compiled a short Tutorial on how to add your own Stories, News and Items For Sale to the Surrey Aquanauts Website. I had some PC Novices going through the Tutorial and they managed to get through it without any trouble 🙂 I hope to see lots of stories and news items to appear on the site very soon! Regards, Hajo Add Stories to the Surrey Aquanauts Website

No 41: Underwater Gun Run

Dear all,

It looks like a fun acticvity for a good cause.
They are looking for teams of four on the weekend 24/25 September.
It’s an indoor pool so the viz should be good!
Follow the various links for more information – and watch the video to understand the challenge!

Replies to me, by e-mail, please from those interested.

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No 38: Algae Bloom

Hi all,

I originally sent this message to the DOs of all the clubs using Littleton Lake, and Nick has asked me to forward it to all our members.



Hi All

Please pass this message on to all your members.

I strongly suggest you give diving a miss at Littleton for the time being. There is a blue-green algae bloom in the water, and apart from the resulting zero visibility, the bloom may be harmful to humans, although the present bloom is thought to be not too severe.

The attached note was passed on to me by the anglers, who are concerned about the effect the bloom may have on fish stocks in the lake, as well as on their members.

For the benefit of all lake users, we are looking into having water samples taken and analysed. When I have more information I will pass it on.



PS We did have three divers in the main lake a couple of weeks ago, helping the sailors lay some weed suppression mat. This bloom was present then. So far, no ill effects have been reported.

30.07.11 Algae bloom

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