Diving in 2014

The sun is sinning in a blue sky, the weather looks great! Whilst gazing out of the living room window. A new season of diving is upon use and some of use are already stacking out dive sites in the English Channel.

Our first Club organised dive is onboard the Channel Diver out of Brighton, in April and we are ready to take the bookings! Excellent boat, lots of space and a perfect platform to start the 2014 season with a gentle splash! We are also looking into ideas of making the club organised diving more affordable, so watch this space!

We have also have implemented a schedule for Pool Marshalling, which we review at the end of the dive season. In short, if you are Sport diver or above, you are asked to do a One Hour Thursday evening Pool Marshall session this year and watch over the Pool for that evening.
See my previous emails regarding the sessions, for more details.

we are not the only Club that have implemented this, for example:

I also have emailed you all with a questionnaire regarding Training. we are trying to find out what training the club want and are then tailoring the needs accordingly. We are now analysing the results, more information will be made available at a later date.

So, in summery:

Dive booking are now take! And the first dive is in April! (Lots of space! Excellent boat!)
A Pool Marshall schedule is implemented.
Club Training courses are being looked at.

Diving Officer

Diving at its Best

After my last rant, I need to apologise…. This weekend aboard the Rocket, was amazing! Not only did we had 10 metes visibility, flat calm seas but to top it all Dolphins!!

It’s not often that things in the UK fall into place, mostly we have either one of these things, either flat calm, crap vis, or windy as hell, but excellent vis.
This weekend was UK diving at is utmost best… this weekend topped it all! We had both! After last years crap weather, we actually had good weather (no wind), good vis (bbq on board) and! Dolphins….

We don’t see many spinner dolphins playing on the bow of the boat, but today we did, and boy did they gave a show! It shows that the UK can measure itself with any great dive spot in the world (even if we can not win Eurovision).

Just to sum this weekend up in one word: AMAZING!

And to crown it all of: We have a brand new Ocean diver! Well done Richard!
Also, welcome to the club a brand new member; Ric!, hope you enjoyed our marry band of ….. 😉 hope you have many more year with us!


A very happy DO

It’s what it is

With the new season now in swing, we had our cold and dark Eastborne dive behind us, we are looking forward to the rest of the season.

Mick as been out with the RIB and deemed it seaworthy, so we will be taking this baby out a bit more! We need to fill the holes in the sparse dive program, so a cheeky dive of the Isle of Wight is a almost a must!

As we point our attention to the next diving weekend, Poole, I’m very disappointed! We have a skeleton dive program, hopping that we can fill the boats… How wrong can I be! We are struggling to fill Sunday! We are only having Five, yes five divers!! I feel that this is a total let down by the club members towards the expedition officers and the boat, that we hired at about £500 a pop for a day! The major worry is that the boat owner could just say that he has more use out of another club, and therefore let’s us go….. :((

I personally don’t know what to do here, how can we convince people to come diving?? We even broken it down into individual days! That seems not to be working, so maybe go back to only book full weekends??

The choose is not mine to make! It’s yours!
But than again, it’s is what it is….. British diving at its best!


New year, new season same diving!

As I’m writing this piece for the newsletter, it’s 5.0 degrees outside and I’m contemplating installing a fire place in my living room…..does it matter its April? After last years wet weather and a bit more wet weather and subsequently canceled diving, lets hope this year is more dry! Although so far we are breaking every cold record there is, as long as its dry and not very windy! Dive On!

Jus be aware that, due to the cold, gear is getting a hit, plastics and rubber material are less flexible and more prone to things going wrong. Therefor check your gear! We already had a few close shaves! Be careful, check your kit, check your skills and Dive On!

As we have a more skeleton dive program this year, due rubbish weather last year, and coupled to a membership of 30ish active dive members, check with with Phill, me, Christian, Chris and Sally for available spots! as we are booking them up fast!

As a result, we are going on take the RIB out a bit more, as a replacement for the missing Hard boat spots, thus talk to Mike for an up to date schedule. As soon as we have a viable weather opportunity, we will be phoning you to see if you can go on the RIB! Just a reminder that RIB diving is FREE! Only payment is for the full the engine burns.

Happy diving!