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DO report 2014

Surrey Aquanauts 2013 DO’s report:

Before I kick off with the all important numbers, I would like to thank the following people:

Bonz, as training Officer
Pinky and Perky, as Equipment Officers,
Pie, as initial, (flawed) Expedition Officer
Mick as Boat Officer and
An honorable mention of
Steve, as deputy Training Officer, not appointed..

Out of all the club organized trips, only a small number of days where blown out compared to last year. Making 2013 a cracker of a year.

We also had a massive amount of try dives with 2 scout groups, Foxhill try dives and lots off walk inns, bring this years total to over 70.

On the training front we have currently a Sport Divers and Dive leaders training ongoing.
We have a new Ocean diver in the form of Aleaasha and a Sports diver in the form of Richard.

We also have increased our instructor base by having Christian passing his OWI and Bonz getting his Assistant Advanced Instructor ticket.

Also we have a new OWI instructor joining this year, welcome Tina.

So, after all, not bad for a small club! He?

Ok! Numbers:

We did 335 recorded club dives…… that is 41 less than last year!
-Maybe we need to log our dives better when we are going out diving?
And me not losing 4 dive log sheets to the power of the washing machine.

We dived in the UK, France, Scotland, Egypt and South Africa.

We consumed 677.000 liters of air which is 30.000 more than last year!
-are we getting unfit??

But then again:
We spend 246 hours in the water, which is in increase of a whole of 5 hours compared to last year.

We dived to a depth of 8.177 meters, which is 70 meters more than last year.
This year total means, we dived up to 75% of the distance of the Mariana Trench.

An average dive time is 44 minutes, which is 5 minutes more than last year.
An average dive depth of 24 meters, which is 2 meters more than last year

We have, under water, an average breathing rate of 63 liters a minute.

Used up 63 full 12 liter tanks or 50 full 15 liter tanks.
Now for the moment we all been waiting for;

In reversed order:
10- Daryl with 10
9- Jo with 13
8- our chairman with 15
7- Chris Knights with 17
6- me! With 18
5- Frank with 20
4- Steve with 21
3- Andy with 27
2-Paul with 43
1- Bonz

Bonz did 71 dives, which is 21% of all the clubs diving:
During which he spent 59 hours under water and dived to a depth of 1.7 km and consumed shy of 100.000 liters of air.

His average dive time is 49 minutes long, which is 4 minutes longer than the average of the club, and dives to a depth of 24 meters. His mean breathing rate is only 32 liters a minute compared to the average SA member which has a mean breathing rate 63 liters a minute. No comments made! Quack!


New Year and all!

Happy New Year (a bit belated!) I hope you’re all looking forward to a good year’s diving in 2012. We’ve got some interesting trips planned this year with some new locations and boats. Spaces are filling up fast so see Paul or Brian at the pool or the pub on Thursdays to book your place.
Despite losing a few members to the increased subs last November, I’m pleased to report that membership is looking strong and we’ve had two new members this year already. The most noticable change so far this year is pool attendance. We saw 20 people down at the pool a couple of weeks ago and for the first time in recent memory there were more people at the pool than at the pub that week! Now that the pool entrance is included in your subs, there’s a better reason than ever to come down and have a swim. We’re also hoping to have more themed nights this year at the pool, including “Mission Impossible” on 23rd February – all welcome.
On the social side we’re planning to hold our annual New Season’s DInner at The Cricketers on Friday 9th March. More details to follow but put the date in your diary now.
Once the season gets going I’d like to encourage you to write up a small article about any dives you’ve done for our website. They don’t have to be club dives, you could write up any diving you’ve done on holiday. Our website is the most valuable tool we have to attract new members. It’s really important that we keep it up to date and have lots of new stuff for prospecitve members (and our own club members) to read. If you’ve never written one before, why not give it a go? it doesn’t have to be long and if you’ve got a couple of photos to add too, even better. Looking forward to reading all about it soon!
That’s it for now!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Another year draws to a close and yet again I find myself saying “Where did that year go?”
We’ve had another good year’s diving and some fun social events.
We’re hoping to get a few more events up and running for next year to try and liven up our Thursday pool sessions.
Watch out for the “Underwater Challenge” which we’ll be telling you more about early in the New Year.
Let’s just say that you’ll need to use your brains as well as your breath holding skills to solve the tasks!
The committee has its first meeting of 2012 in early January so if anyone has any good ideas about activities they’d like to see on Thursdays (or at any time in fact) please let me or any of the committee know.
It just remains therefore for me to wish you all and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and see you in 2012!

Last bits!

Dear all,

Don’t forget the Surrey Aquanauts Annual General Meeting on Thursday 20th October at 7.45 in the meeting room at the Pool in the Park. Hope to see you all there!


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