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No 32: Dive bookings

Poole – Sat 11th August – 1 space left
Poole – Sun 12th August – 4 spaces left (This will now be suitable for Sports Divers)

Chichester – Sat 25th August – 2 places left
Chichester – Sun 26th August – 6 places left (This weekend now be suitable for Sports Divers)

The cut-off date before we cancel Chichester will be Friday 5th July

Poole – Sat 8th September – 4 spaces left (This will now be suitable for Sports Divers)
Poole – Sun 9th September – full


No 29: Weymouth Dive 16/17 June

At the moment we have five members booked on this dive so it could well be cancelled unless we get more bookings. This is your last chance to book. The decision to cancel will be based on whichever option – cancel or go – produces the lesser loss to the club.



Talk by Police Underwater Search Unit

See Southern Region Facebook page for more details.
The talk will be held in Dulverton Hall.

Wreck finds go on display

From Divernet:

A broad-ranging exhibition of wreck artefacts is being mounted by a south Manchester diving club.

Hazel Grove Sub-Aqua Club, a branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club, is to hold the exhibition on 17 March at Brookdale Social Club in Bramhall, near South Stockport in Cheshire.

Organised with the assistance of Bowstone Diving Products, the display features, says the club, “40 ship bells, lamps, helms and other artefacts sourced from divers all over the UK”.

Many of the finds have accompanying stories, researched by the divers who have recovered them and examined the wrecks from which they came.

Among the artefacts, which are owned by Hazel Grove SAC member Simon Taylor, an eye-catching exhibit is a 17in-high, 93-lb bell which Taylor raised from the merchantman Conargo, sunk off the Isle of Man in 1918.

Taylor has dived for more than 30 years and the bell is one of his most treasured finds in a large collection of maritime artefacts.

“I only ever see myself as a custodian of objects like the bell of the Conargo,” he says. “They will stay with me until I pass them on to my children and if that is not possible, then I will find a museum for them because they are an integral part of maritime history.”

Mary Tetley, BSAC Chief Executive, says: “I think this promises to be a fascinating and informative exhibition which explores some very important maritime history which might otherwise have been lost if our divers had not explored the wrecks and researched the background to what they have found.”

Entrance to the exhibition costs £2.

Advance tickets and information – 07791 023612,


For more information:

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