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No 16: Weymouth dive


From: “Miller, David” <>
Date: 21 April 2012 15:11:50 GMT+01:00
Subject: Re: Weymouth dive

Nick ,
Thanks for the email, details are;
1. Dives are on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th April out of Weymouth.
2. Boat is Wey Chieftain 4 with Graham Knott . Large Cat. With loads of space and stern lift. Boat is only a couple of years old , modern and fast.
3. 2 dives per day, first dive to be about 40 metres. Second dive shallower.
4. Not sure what we will be diving , depends if we can go around the Bill.
5. Cost for the boat is £480 per day split between all who go. Currently we have 5 going and the max is 10. (We usually have 8 on the boat.)
6. We have accommodation arranged for those who need it at the Bunkhouse in Weymouth ( not the Portland bunkhouse).
If anyone interested best to get me on mobile, 07775 756 209 ,


No 14: Pool Marshalling

A perennial problem at the pool on a Thursday is the question of pool marshalling.  As you all know, we provide our own pool safety, in the form of a pool marshal, so that we do not have to pay the pool for a lifeguard.  This situation was negotiated, at great effort in the past, and with new ownership we do not want to have to go through the process again if we can help it.  If the pool provided a life guard the cost would rise appreciably but we have always been able to argue that the lifeguards are not trained to rescue a diver with scuba kit but our members from Sport Diver upwards have undergone rescue training and are therefore better placed to provide pool safety.
The pool is now being managed for the Council by a private enterprise and while the staff remain the same, it is possible that they have different policies so we need to ensure that we do everything we can to have proper safety coverage to prevent the same argument arising with the new management company.
Pool marshalling depends on someone who is pool-side putting on a hi-viz vest so there is at least a safety “presence”.  As always, it is usually one of a very small number of members who perform this task and it isn’t really fair on them that the rest of us lazily let them do the job.  A much fairer spread of the responsibility would be if we introduced a rota for pool marshalling with every qualified member taking the duty on a specific week and acting as back-up on another week.  With our member numbers it isn’t such a burden, probably two weeks at most a year.
I would therefore like to propose that we introduce such a rota and as a starting point for a discussion here are some ground rules:
1) The serving Diving Officer will be responsible for drawing up the rota for a full year.
2) The Diving Officer will email the rota to members via the Membership Secretary and will publish the rota on the branch’s web site via the current web master.
3) Because the allocation of dates will be arbitrary; members will be responsible for arranging cover if they cannot fulfill their week as pool marshal.  If the back-up marshal is not available, then they must find someone else to provide cover.  If no member can be found to provide cover, the member is responsible for informing the Diving Officer.
I’d like feedback/comments/suggestions by April 28th please.  It may be that this is an impractical suggestion but unless there are strong objections and valid reasons why we should not do this, then I will put together the first proposed schedule after this and introduce the system.
Many thanks

No 12 O2 Course


Steve Willett and I are organising an O2 course as it’s been quite a few years since we ran one of these in the branch.  This is an accredited BSAC course and covers much of the Dive Leader qualification syllabus so you can kill two birds with one stone.  It’s a full day of training so needs to be run on a weekend and we’ve provisionally identified April 28th as a good day to hold it.  We’ve got a hall near the pool lined up for £10/hr so cost to hire the venue will be £80.  The training packs are £24, so we’re looking at somewhere around £40 for the training, depending on how many people are interested.  The more we get, the lower the individual cost of the venue.  There are loads of you out there who this would benefit so please make the effort to put your name down and make this a worthwhile event.  We’re going to be badgering you from Thursday evening so save yourself the trouble and email Steve or me to let us know that you would like to attend.  Attached is the day’s syllabus so you can see what you’re getting for your money – apart from a bargain.



A new Surrey Aquanauts’ year

Now that we’re into 2012, plans for the dive programme are set and published so please start thinking about those weekend dates that you’re available for and get your dives booked early to avoid disappointment.
We’ve continued last season’s strategy of trying to allow a single day’s diving to give people the choice of either doing one day or travelling on both days to try and keep the costs down rather than have to book accommodation as well.
As well as the tried and trusted destinations of Poole and Weymouth, this season we’re trying a new boat, the Emma Jane, out of Chichester.
There is also a full RIB programme so please get yourself on the RIB, particularly you new Ocean/Sport divers.  The Farnes trip on the Jubilee weekend is one to look forward to, great diving and lots of seals – bring those cameras.
On the training front, Steve and I are looking at running O2 and Boat Handling courses in the next couple of months – both excellent skills to acquire and the more of us that know how to use this essential equipment and drive the boat the better for all of us.  Bonz is manfully continuing his crusade to get everyone into Vobster, either training or being trained.
Since my last article, we’ve had a couple of new members; David and Ash who are Ocean Divers getting their qualifications up to Sport for their DoE award.
There are also two or three who have been for try dives and are thinking of joining so we may have a few more by my next article.
I’m looking forward to seeing some of our senior divers come through their instructor training this year to take the pressure off the few that we have at the moment.  (Almost) finally, get yourselves down to the pool on 23rd February.
It’s games night and Chris Knights has devised some fiendishly clever games to test your skills.  It’s great fun so make sure you’re there.
Finally, as I said in my last article (and will say in my next) we will need a new DO in October so all you Advanced Divers out there, put yourself forward, please don’t leave it to the same old guard to fill the post.
It’s not that much of a burden and there are enough senior,  experienced members who will always help in a very constructive manner.
Keep up the training and start getting yourselves diving fit, there are only two months to go before the first scheduled RIB dive.
Nick G.

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