No 2: Surrey Aquanauts Polo Shirts

Dear All,
If you would like a Surrey Aquanauts Polo Shirt for the coming diving season, please let me know.
They will cost approximately £9.30 (incl VAT) plus postage. Obviously the more I order, the less the postage per individual item.
Please see the link to the site and let me know the size and colour you would like. The stock code is UC101.
The final price will only be known once I place the order, but this will probably be around £10. Please note that once you’ve ordered, you have committed to buying.
If you would like anything else e.g. fleece, jacket, trousers etc, you just need to browse around the site and let me know the stock code, colour and size of the item you would like. Please note that the prices on the web exclude VAT, are based on quantity, and may or may not include a free logo.
If you would like to place an order, or would like any further information, please email me directly.

Poole 20 August 2011 – Switching wrecks, a bit of training and the compulsory BBQ

Early to rise, early to bed, makes a man healthy but socially dead – or so they say. Not however for the 12 brave divers who battled against the call of soft pillows and warm duvets while their alarm clocks were screaming at 04:00 on Saturday 20th August to get to Poole for the early slack.

We all raced down in the dark and when I got there, I was surprised to see Trevor (the skipper) was early for once and everyone was already loading up our boat, Rocket. We all looked somewhat bleary eyed and a little worse for wear considering the early hour. I felt as though I’d been pulled through a bush backwards (does anybody even know what that means anymore!?!).

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