It’s what it is

With the new season now in swing, we had our cold and dark Eastborne dive behind us, we are looking forward to the rest of the season.

Mick as been out with the RIB and deemed it seaworthy, so we will be taking this baby out a bit more! We need to fill the holes in the sparse dive program, so a cheeky dive of the Isle of Wight is a almost a must!

As we point our attention to the next diving weekend, Poole, I’m very disappointed! We have a skeleton dive program, hopping that we can fill the boats… How wrong can I be! We are struggling to fill Sunday! We are only having Five, yes five divers!! I feel that this is a total let down by the club members towards the expedition officers and the boat, that we hired at about £500 a pop for a day! The major worry is that the boat owner could just say that he has more use out of another club, and therefore let’s us go….. :((

I personally don’t know what to do here, how can we convince people to come diving?? We even broken it down into individual days! That seems not to be working, so maybe go back to only book full weekends??

The choose is not mine to make! It’s yours!
But than again, it’s is what it is….. British diving at its best!


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