Diving at its Best

After my last rant, I need to apologise…. This weekend aboard the Rocket, was amazing! Not only did we had 10 metes visibility, flat calm seas but to top it all Dolphins!!

It’s not often that things in the UK fall into place, mostly we have either one of these things, either flat calm, crap vis, or windy as hell, but excellent vis.
This weekend was UK diving at is utmost best… this weekend topped it all! We had both! After last years crap weather, we actually had good weather (no wind), good vis (bbq on board) and! Dolphins….

We don’t see many spinner dolphins playing on the bow of the boat, but today we did, and boy did they gave a show! It shows that the UK can measure itself with any great dive spot in the world (even if we can not win Eurovision).

Just to sum this weekend up in one word: AMAZING!

And to crown it all of: We have a brand new Ocean diver! Well done Richard!
Also, welcome to the club a brand new member; Ric!, hope you enjoyed our marry band of ….. 😉 hope you have many more year with us!


A very happy DO

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