New year, new season same diving!

As I’m writing this piece for the newsletter, it’s 5.0 degrees outside and I’m contemplating installing a fire place in my living room…..does it matter its April? After last years wet weather and a bit more wet weather and subsequently canceled diving, lets hope this year is more dry! Although so far we are breaking every cold record there is, as long as its dry and not very windy! Dive On!

Jus be aware that, due to the cold, gear is getting a hit, plastics and rubber material are less flexible and more prone to things going wrong. Therefor check your gear! We already had a few close shaves! Be careful, check your kit, check your skills and Dive On!

As we have a more skeleton dive program this year, due rubbish weather last year, and coupled to a membership of 30ish active dive members, check with with Phill, me, Christian, Chris and Sally for available spots! as we are booking them up fast!

As a result, we are going on take the RIB out a bit more, as a replacement for the missing Hard boat spots, thus talk to Mike for an up to date schedule. As soon as we have a viable weather opportunity, we will be phoning you to see if you can go on the RIB! Just a reminder that RIB diving is FREE! Only payment is for the full the engine burns.

Happy diving!


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