expedition trip to Lowestoft

David Ronnan has just informed us of his planned trip by Dive 125 to Lowestoft

Davids says He’s run a number of successful trip there and anyone who’s access to
wrecksite.eu or the charts of the area know there is a huge number of wrecks
within 20-30 miles of Lowestoft and not that many divers

He’s a group from Belgium already in a position to commit to the trip and
there is an opportunity for up to 4 divers to join them for the whole trip

The dates are: 16 to 22nd September 2014 inclusive (7 days on great neap
tides) and the cost for the boat is £5400 assuming we get all 7 days diving
which works out at £450 per person for the week (assuming 12 on board)

If you’re interested please contact David for further details at David.Ronnan@nullbtinternet.com

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