Quiz Night

Hi all

Chris broached the idea of a quiz night with me at the pool last Thursday. His thinking is that if we have regular events, like a quiz night or a games night, we get a much better turn out, which could lead to more regular attendance on Thursdays. I agreed with him and promised to raise it with my nearest Committee member, who tells me that she won’t be at the next meeting, hence the email.

The quiz would be diving related, but not exclusively to the diver training programme syllabus. It would include for example seamanship and related subjects. Chris is happy to prepare the questions and his idea is teams of four, choose your own team, old and new members mixed , (so the oldies are not too embarrassed when they lose).

It would mean hiring the meeting room. Perhaps a modest entrance fee, with a small prize for the winners?

If you think it’s a good idea all Chris needs is a date.


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