New Year and all!

Happy New Year (a bit belated!) I hope you’re all looking forward to a good year’s diving in 2012. We’ve got some interesting trips planned this year with some new locations and boats. Spaces are filling up fast so see Paul or Brian at the pool or the pub on Thursdays to book your place.
Despite losing a few members to the increased subs last November, I’m pleased to report that membership is looking strong and we’ve had two new members this year already. The most noticable change so far this year is pool attendance. We saw 20 people down at the pool a couple of weeks ago and for the first time in recent memory there were more people at the pool than at the pub that week! Now that the pool entrance is included in your subs, there’s a better reason than ever to come down and have a swim. We’re also hoping to have more themed nights this year at the pool, including “Mission Impossible” on 23rd February – all welcome.
On the social side we’re planning to hold our annual New Season’s DInner at The Cricketers on Friday 9th March. More details to follow but put the date in your diary now.
Once the season gets going I’d like to encourage you to write up a small article about any dives you’ve done for our website. They don’t have to be club dives, you could write up any diving you’ve done on holiday. Our website is the most valuable tool we have to attract new members. It’s really important that we keep it up to date and have lots of new stuff for prospecitve members (and our own club members) to read. If you’ve never written one before, why not give it a go? it doesn’t have to be long and if you’ve got a couple of photos to add too, even better. Looking forward to reading all about it soon!
That’s it for now!

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