Rainy Day in Vobster

After waking at an unholy hour and packing up the car we headed down the M3 on the way to Vobster (I have to mention the music entertainment from Steve and Charles, it was quite something to behold).

The day, which was mostly a training day, was rather successful. All in all around 13 people one by one drove up to Vobster Quay, and you can’t help but be wary of where you park for fear of your car turning into a diving attraction (what with all the motor vehicles at the bottom of the lake!) One by one we all geared up in the sun and braced the ever so chilly Vobster waters (if not so cold for those with dry suits) and I think quite a few people got some training done before the good old British weather kicked in and the largest surprise ever, it started raining. This seemed to lead to log sheets dying slightly… which we are still keeping under our hats!

After a lunch (with a few hungry eyes glancing at a certain ‘decompression burger’ that, to be honest, I’m scared of even asking about.) As part of Dive Leader training we all participated in an incident drill which was all well and good until one ‘unbreathing’ casualty mysteriously disappeared… only until we realised Bonz the ‘unbreathing’ casualty had gone to have a cigarette. There was also some incredible acting from a widow and a doctor’s receptionist’s daughter’s best friend, just to make it that little bit trickier.

But all in all a very successful day ending with a flurry of Qualification books being flown at various instructors resulting in gaining one Qualified Ocean Diver in the Form of Lizzie and James completing his Sports Diver Qualification. So all in all a rather successful day and Vobster has definitely made my list of Dive Sites to return to, but for now its home to wash the kit in fresh water.



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